Title Details:
Job Family: Academic Administration
Subfamily: Academic Programs
Title: Academic Program Officer
Job Overview:
Title Summary: Academic Program Officers serve as a key staff members for a student academic program. This could include undergraduate or graduate degree programs, or summer or January term sessions. They combine administrative responsibilities and program outreach and promotion. Student Academic Program Officers operate under the guidance of school leadership. Their work is independent, and they may supervise staff.
Typical Work:
  • Facilitate and coordinate planning and operational activities in support of that organization's mission, and often assume responsibility for a key initiative.
  • Collaborate across disciplines and functional areas by building relationships between the program and external stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with other faculty, researchers, and project partners to achieve organizational objectives.
  • May assist in developing teaching materials, as well as participating in professional conferences.
  • May participate or assist in primary research, data collection, interviewing, and analysis.
  • May provide direct student support.
Typical Education & Experience: Advanced degree with at least four years of relevant experience.
Typical Licensure: None
Typical Expertise:
  • Considerable knowledge of principles and issues in a specified student academic program.
  • Demonstrate ability to evaluate and apply information in assisting students.
  • Demonstrate ability to interact with faculty, students, and program representatives in a highly professional manner, with an understanding of protocol and confidentiality.
  • Proven ability to work independently or as part of a team, or to provide direct administrative support, as needed.
  • Proficient in computer applications with working knowledge of various database and software programs and ability to use tools to craft reports, as needed.
  • Exemplify the University's educational mission and strategic aims, and can clearly articulate how programs support those aims.
Market Range:
Market Range:
33rd Median
67th Upper
$55,668 $74,205 $83,502 $92,966 $111,336

(Market Range reflects external pay rate for similar work. The University minimum hiring rate may exceed the lower reference. Current minimum hiring rate: $26,520)

Additional Information:
FLSA Status: Exempt
Typical State Classified Equivalent:
State Classified Role Title: Education Administrator II 29134
State Classified Pay Band: 5
$43,892 - $105,811

(Pay Band ranges are determined by the State Department of Human Resources Management and are only applicable to classified staff.)

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